NetBIOS DoS Attacks

A NetBIOS denial-of-service (DoS) attack sends a NetBIOS Name Release message to the NetBIOS Name Service on a target Windows systems and forces the system to place its name in conflict so that the name can no longer be used. This essentially blocks the client from participating in the NetBIOS network and creates a network DoS for that system.
Another way to create a more secure and memorable password is to follow a repeatable pattern, which will enable to password to be re-created when needed.
  1. Start with a memorable phrase, such as
    • Maryhadalittlelamb
  2. Change every other character to uppercase, resulting in
    • MaRyHaDaLiTtLeLaMb
  3. Change a to @ and i to 1 to yield
    • M@RyH@D@L1TtLeL@Mb
  4. Drop every other pair to result in a secure repeatable password or
    • M@H@L1LeMb
Now you have a password that meets all the requirements, yet can be "remade" if necessary.

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