Understanding Steganography Technologies

Steganography is the process of hiding data in other types of data such as images or text files. The most popular method of hiding data in files is to utilize graphic images as hiding places. Attackers can embed any information in a graphic file using steganography. The hacker can hide directions on making a bomb, a secret bank account number, or answers to a test. Any text imaginable can be hidden in an image. In Exercise you will use Image Hide to hide text within an image.
Exercise: Hiding Data in an Image Using ImageHide

To hide data in an image using ImageHide:
  1. Download and install the ImageHide program.
  2. Add an image in the Image Hide program.
  3. Add text in the field at the bottom of the ImageHide screen.
  4. Hide the text within the image using ImageHide.

Steganography can be detected by some programs, although doing so is difficult. The first step in detection is to locate files with hidden text, which can be done by analyzing patterns in the images and changes to the color palette.

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